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Our restaurant and bar uniforms allow the staff at Wooly Bully’s to be a walking brand representative of our restaurant. The Wooly Bully unique style and design of its uniforms distinguish it from the competition.

The front of the house staff at Wooly Bully’s wear retro button down baseball shirts with Branded Rock-N-Roll themed logos and the Wooly Bully logo. Our Wooly Bully restaurant uniforms will not only compliment your Wooly Bully’s Rock-N-Diners atmosphere, but also contribute to it and reinforce it in the minds of your guests.

Your staff helps to create an enjoyable experience for guests and what they wear does affect the way guests judge your Wooly Bully’s and the experience they deliver.

Comfort is a big factor for Wooly Bully’s restaurant staff including the kitchen staff and other back of the house staff.

The kitchen staff wears cool pants and T-shirts, Not only are they comfortable for employees, but they contribute to the Rock-N-Roll theme of Wooly Bully’s.

Our restaurant uniforms are a great way to enforce the branding strategies of Wooly Bully’s Rock-N-Diner. On a pre-determined basis Wooly Man Productions Inc. will refresh the design of all staff uniforms.
Kitchen Staff T-Shirt
Special Promotions T-Shirt
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