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History & The Founders
Wooly Bully’s Serving Our Guests Since 1980
Greg & Mark RomanThe Wooly Bully concept became a reality on May 7, 1980. Brothers Gregg and Mark Romans dreams and brain storming for a cool hang out that played Rock-N-Roll music, served great American food and always kept the customers asking for more was now a reality. Since day one it was a hit.

The east side Detroit location was modest with flea market finds decorating the interior of the joint. What was evident from the start was the ability of the brothers to entertain and treat their guests as family. It helped that the food was good and the drinks plentiful.

Circa 1984 the first Wooly Bully expansion took place. The brothers purchased the adjoining building that housed a barbershop. A big thank you to Pat the barber for agreeing to sell the building. The expansion would double the size of Wooly Bully’s to 2,500 square feet. It was during this remodeling that the transition to Rock-N-Diner took place. Custom fixtures were designed, and one of a kind Rock-N-Roll memorabilia was purchased. A lipstick red 1957 Chevy now served as the DJ booth. The food menu and drink selections were expanded. A successful restaurant & bar concept was born. What did not change were the Rock-N-Roll music, great food and drinks with service that always exceeded their guest’s expectations.

In 1989 Wooly Bully’s hit the road with another location. The success of the flagship operation was going strong and the brothers moved into new territory. A 5,000 square foot building located in a suburb of Detroit was branded with the Wooly Bully logo and design.  The new operation offered all of the menu winners and drink offerings as the original location. The building was adorned with many features that included a 1960 pink Cadillac crashing through the building and a twenty-foot tall jukebox. Pink and green neon on the front of the building screamed, “Try Our Margaritas but Don’t Drink the Water”.

Wooly Bully’s margaritas became another success of the operation. The brothers developed the house recipe during many late nights of tasting and sampling. After many such nights the recipe was perfected. The next question was how do we ensure you receive a Wooly Bully style margarita every time a guest visits Wooly Bully’s. The question was answered when the brothers devised the plan to put the margaritas on tap. Another first for the operation was the Federal Trademark for the slogan “Try our Margaritas but Don’t Drink the Water”.

On the road again
In 1993 the largest of all Wooly Bully’s was born. An 8,000 square foot restaurant, bar and Rock-N-Roll museum was opened in the affluent suburb of Northville Michigan. Another first for the operation was the addition of the Rock-N-Roll Wooly Wearable store located within the restaurant. The Wooly Bully logo was screened, embroidered and embossed on hundreds of unique items. The memorabilia collection that adorned the walls also grew to giant proportions. The featured items were stage worn clothing from Elton John, a Beatles collection that included guitars, clothing and even a 1960’s Beatle wig. A line up of original collectible Gretsch guitars was prominently featured. A 1957 Corvette, 1960 pink Cadillac and original 1960’s Cushman motor scooters were proudly on display. Every inch of the 8,000 square foot building was adorned by one of the most unique collection of Rock-N-Roll and Americana ever assembled. All told there were over three hundred items on display.

With the success of the operations and concept came offers to purchase the Wooly Bully’s locations. In 2003 the remaining founder accepted an offer on the restaurants.  Sadly, the new operators of the concept failed to provide the core beliefs and operating principals that the founders had established, resulting in the ultimate closing of the restaurants.

There have been many first for Wooly Bully’s. There have been many changes and upgrades in the total packaging of the concept. With over twenty-three years of continuous operation of the Wooly Bully concept we have learned that the founders principals and operating philosophy established in 1980 hold true today.

The Wooly Bully philosophy and operating principles of the company are to provide a unique Rock-N-Roll themed experience, outstanding food with flair, unique beverages with a twist and always exceed our guest’s expectations in service.

Time To Rock-N-Roll
Original founder Mark Roman retained the Federal Trademark rights to Wooly Bully’s and its operating techniques and procedures. The creation of Woolyman Productions Inc., has been established to spread the Wooly Bully concept to new geographic areas in the United States and abroad. Established standard operating procedures and adhering to core values that have been established since 1980 will continue to shine the spotlight on Wooly Bully’s.

The company offers both single-unit and area development opportunities. We are targeting established restaurant operators of non-competing concepts who have tapped out their growth potential with their existing brand. Our goal is to help take the Wooly Bully’s Rock-N-Diner brand nationwide. Your neighborhood could be next.